Accenture: CURBING AD FRAUD in China

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Advertising fraud is a growing challenge that not just impacts companies financially but also tarnishes their brand reputations. The Chinese digital market, though making phenomenal progress currently, is witnessing an increase in ad fraud-related cases. Invalid traffic is on a high and ad viewability is decreasing on personal computers and mobile websites of China.

ADBUG’s 2017 Q1 China Media Report states that out of 12 billion impressions verified in the Real Campaign, China saw an average of 29.5 percent invalid traffic (71.5 percent direct purchase) and only 25.5 percent viewability rate (4.9 percent direct purchase) on personal computers and mobile websites.

The reasons for such a scenario are quite evident—a non-transparent ecosystem, invalid traffic and technological limitations. An opaque and biased media supply chain is resulting in potentially undermining brands’ interests and yielding financially damaging results. Unavailable or inadequate technological capabilities are making it tough for companies to fully capture Invalid Traffic (IVT).

In such a challenging landscape, China requires a comprehensive strategy to combat and overcome the ad fraud menace and its consequences. Accenture offers the following recommendations to protect brands and ad investments based on our deep knowledge and experience in the digital marketing space:

• Optimize the media team’s operating model

• Develop in-house capabilities

• Build internal ad technological capabilities

• Leverage latest technologies

• Adopt Open Source Industry SDKs recommendations

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