Independent Media Verification Solution adopted to MMA Universal Monitoring and Verification SDK

2017-08-31 6,953 views 评论关闭

August 25, MMA China(Mobile Marketing Association China) launched a Universal Monitoring and Verification SDK(Software development Kit) Update and Testing milestone ceremony, which paves the way for a more transparent mobile media buying ecosystem.


Independent Ad Verification company Adbug’s solution was adopted and integrated into the “Universal Monitoring and Verification SDK”. The finalized SDK solution supports a native verification function by native coding language as well as supplying a JavaScript execution environment (webview container) for 3rd party verification vendor to run their code for ad verification purposes.

Adbug CTO Ding Xiaogang said, “As an independent third-party ad verification company, Adbug is a pure-play Ad Verification company that does not do any other audience related services such as DMP, ad tracking, adserving, Media buying, etc. We are committed to offer advertisers, publishers as well as ad tech platforms an independent verification solution including Ad Viewability, Brand Safety, and Invalid Traffic Detection.”

The Adbug solution exists both mobile native measurement and supplying a Javascript verification environment enables the publisher a smoother deployment plan. By leaving the verification logic to the Javascript side, the solution brings the industry following benefits:

  1. Avoid third-partyverification homogenization byusing the same native verification function
  2. Once deployed a MMA China SDK, publisherscan allow multiple third parties to verify through a JavaScriptexecution environment.
  3. Make the SDK deployment lighter and update frequency to a minimum level.

You can get the MMA China open source SDK from here: