CPPCC Member Proposes the Chinese Government to Develop Domestic Third Party Verification in Digital Advertising

2017-03-14 6,296 views 评论关闭


Member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference BangXi He made the first proposal about digital advertising on the 13th during the NPC&CPPCC meetings in Beijing.

The proposal brought into attention the global hot topic on brand safety and fraud in the past few months. As astronomical amounts of advertising dollars every year is going to dark industries such as pornography, fraud, even terrorism , issues such as brand safety and fraud are threats to the nation’s economic development, culture communication as well as national security.

Mr. He suggests that the government take action to regulate the digital marketing and advertising industry to regulate brand safety, viewability and fraud systematically. Furthermore, ad verification should be implemented on all advertising campaigns. The government should define measurements to be disclosed for commercial campaigns and at the same time supervise that fraudulent activities are revealed. Last but not least, the proposal emphasizes that third party ad verification services need to be encouraged by the people’s government. Technology development and scaling can be aided in various different ways such as patents, favored regulations and financial support.