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AdBug uncovers RedEye, the latest threat to China's digital Advertising Market

HONG KONG, Apr 30, 2019 – (ACN Newswire) – AdBug, the leading Chinese ad verification company, has uncovered the latest, and perhaps the largest, ad fraud operation and threat to China’s digital advertising market ever: RedEye. C...
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Accenture: CURBING AD FRAUD in China

Advertising fraud is a growing challenge that not just impacts companies financially but also tarnishes their brand reputations. The Chinese digital market, though making phenomenal progress currently, is witnessing an increase in ad fraud-relate...
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Smaato签约ADBUG 促建中国移动广告安全环境

2018年,广告行业比以往更渴求「透明与信任」。 近日,中国市场专业第三方广告安全验证公司ADBUG与华谊嘉信子公司Smaato正式签署合作协议,双方将在移动广告的可见度、广告主品牌安全、以及流量反欺诈等方面展开合作,帮助品牌优化广告投入并有效触达目标群体,为广...
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Nielsen forms the partnership with ADBUG to launch viewable Digital Ad Rating in China

2017.Dec .21th, China, Nielsen announced its partnership with ADBUG, an ad verification company, to launch an ad viewability indicator that can segment audience demographics in China market. Nielsen Digital Ad Rating offers monitoring of ad viewab...
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Independent Media Verification Solution adopted to MMA Universal Monitoring and Verification SDK

August 25, MMA China(Mobile Marketing Association China) launched a Universal Monitoring and Verification SDK(Software development Kit) Update and Testing milestone ceremony, which paves the way for a more transparent mobile media buying ecosystem...
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MMA China Publishes The First Brand Safety, Viewability and IVT Standards in China

(May 23rd, 2017, Shanghai) MMA China announces China’s first three standards for ad verification “Brand Safety Verification Guidelines for Mobile Ads V.1.0”, ”Viewable Impression Measurement Guidelines for Mobile Ads V.1.0” and “Invalid Traffic V...
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Adbug CEO & GroupM:Measurement and verification are the first step of BrandSafety in China

自2016年下半年起,媒介购买的透明度逐渐成为了品牌广告投放中的必谈话题,品牌安全广受重视。也正因如此,全球最大媒介投资管理集团GroupM群邑在2016年8月特任命John Montgomery为全球品牌安全执行副总裁,全面负责旗下传立、尚扬、竞立、迈势、Essence和邑策的数...
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CPPCC Member Proposes the Chinese Government to Develop Domestic Third Party Verification in Digital Advertising

Member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference BangXi He made the first proposal about digital advertising on the 13th during the NPC&CPPCC meetings in Beijing. The proposal brought into attention the global hot topic on bra...
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