Nielsen forms the partnership with ADBUG to launch viewable Digital Ad Rating in China

2017-12-01 14,463 views 评论关闭

2017.Dec .21th, China, Nielsen announced its partnership with ADBUG, an ad verification company, to launch an ad viewability indicator that can segment audience demographics in China market. Nielsen Digital Ad Rating offers monitoring of ad viewability. Moreover, the availability of viewable impressions by age and gender allows clients to better analyze, optimize and evaluate campaign performance.
Nielsen’s research on other global markets has already showed that ad viewability and attention are closely linked to sales in offline channels. Now Nielsen’s research on China market shows that the changes of advertising placement and delivery method will not only change ad viewability, but also change the the age and gender group reached by advertising .Ad viewability is one important indicator to measure whether advertisements are viewable and actually being viewed by the audience advertisers are intended for. Viewable Impression is the impression actually seen by the audience. In digital advertising, quite a number of advertisements are not viewed by the targeted audience due to the fact that they are blocked by other elements, ad fraud, placed on the bottom of display page, or advertising display page is out of focus.The audience attribute breakdown of targeted demographic is based on Nielsen China’s collaboration with Tencent and Weibo audience data. Backed up by Tencent and Weibo’s millions of users, Nielsen use population survey and model correction to ensure that the data is not only representative, but can also accurately reflect how digital advertising reaches audiences.The launch of the new indicator can refine the true reach of audiences. Combining the indicator with advertising space, delivery rate, media categories and other dimensions of analysis, advertisers can gain significant insights on ad effectiveness and follow-up optimization. This new insight is beneficial to clients to measure brand communication effects more effectively.Nielsen Digital Ad Rating is adopted by the top 25 advertising spending advertisers, it is now becoming an industry standard for measuring digital advertising. Before Digital Ad Rating is introduced in China, Nielsen has already launched it by partnering with Facebook, ad verification companies MOAT and IAS in other global markets, including US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, German and UK, etc.

“To advertisers, it is critical whether their advertising is viewed by targeted group. That’s why we partner with ADBUG to blend ad viewability into Nielsen’s DAR. ” Del Levin, Nielsen VP of marketing effectivenss said, “It has always been our mission to provide our clients and entire advertising industry with complete and independent advertising measurement. Now the launch of Viewable Digital Ad Rating will continue improving our service.”

Di Zhang, CEO of ADBUG said, “ADBUG’s JavaScript client ad verification solution developed in recent years is different from traditional method of pixel tracking and IP monitoring, and it has already been adopted by MMA China open source SDK. We are happy to work with Nielsen. Digital Ad Rating is statistically meaningful only when invalid traffic is excluded, advertising is viewable, and brand safety is ensured. ADBUG is thrilled to see our technical solution is approved by a world leading advertising solution provider and is excited about the opportunity to cooperate with Nielsen.”