MMA China Forms its BrandSafety & Viewability Standard Group– Name adbug as Group leader

2017-01-03 10,876 views 评论关闭


(Jan 3rd, 2017, Shanghai) MMA China announces the establishment of its Brand Safety & Viewability Standard Group under its Mobile Ad Standard & Measurement Committee. The group is aimed to better protect brands by reinforcing brand safety and fighting against fraudulent traffic.

The group gained such attention right from the start that many MMA members signed up to join right away. So far, the group has about 20 confirmed members consisting of companies from all sectors of mobile advertising. Leading the group is Martin Zhang, the Founder & CEO of Adbug, China’s top third-party ad verification company. The vice chairs are representatives of major advertisers and publishers, Procter&Gamble and Toutiao.

“When advertisers chose digital advertising on mobile devices, they are having more concerns about brand safety and viewability issues” said Martin, “and the China market is in urgent need of an industry-wide standard for measurement, so that advertisers may shift to mobile more comfortably and effectively.”

Joshua Maa, MMA’s Mobile Advertising Guideline Committee Chair and the Founder & CEO of Madhouse also congratulated the establishment of the group.

“Brand Safety and Viewability has been high on advertisers’ priority list, hence it is necessary for us to form a group dedicated to this very topic. Experts from our member companies will focus their efforts on making a more localized and specific standard for measurements of digital mobile ads”, he claimed.

The two co-chairs of MMA China Steven Chang, VP of Tencent and Ethan Tsai, Co-Founder & President of AdMaster both expressed great expectations for the future work of Brand Safety & Viewability group.

Steven remarked: “Hope the Brand Safety & Viewabilty group will attract even more members, and standardize the viewability of mobile digital advertisements through productive discourse.”

“I’m very glad that so many MMA members are recognizing the importance of brand safety and viewability, and are willing to participate in the standardization of viewability measurements,” added Ethan. “I believe with all of our efforts, we will be able to finalize a guideline which suites the market in China”.


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